Stress and Inspiration


This was one of those projects both conceived and executed over the course of 48 hours.  While I try very hard not to stress about crafting projects, there is an element of necessity if I commit to not purchasing a needed thing ready made.  In this case it came down to my dislike for most sorts of shopping (all except food and crafting supplies really) and especially any sort of shopping that will almost certainly involve buying some sort of synthetic material that I’ve more or less sworn off if at all possible.  So instead I made a soft, lightweight, lovely little bag for Adi to take to her new school and it only cost me brownie points for James to keep Adi out from under foot and half a night of sleep.

Fumbling with bound buttonholes at one in the morning, I start to question the wisdom of taking on these, perhaps unnecessary, tasks.  Without fail they are pushed to the last minute, as though the perfect alternative will fall into my lap if I just wait long enough.  But there’s also an excitement in being stressed about something other than work, to be pushed to the limits of speed and care when top-stitching, and to put together a complete and final creation in such a short period of time, design and all.  It reassures me that this crazy idea we have of retiring early and living on less won’t bore me without the incessant hoop-jumping of an academic life.


And Adi?  She loves the way her new backpack turned out just as much as I do.  I used a linen blend fabric and some ribbon from my stash.  The pattern is made up, but heavily inspired by the look of the Colette Cooper backpack.  I even used the instructions to square the bottom of the bag from their sewalong.